Landscape Management Services

Landscape Management Services

Landscape Maintenance

Landscape Maintenance sm

Year-round service visits to professionally complete mowing, edging, trimming, pruning, bed weeding, raking, cleanup and blowing.  All equipment used for this purpose is regularly maintained and blades on equipment will always be sharp for superior performance.

Sprinkler System Service

Sprinkler System Service sm

All components of the sprinkler system- controllers, valves and sprinkler heads- will be inspected as scheduled.  Coverage issues will be addressed.  Pumps, where applicable, will be inspected or serviced as contracted.

Fertilization Programs

Fertilization Programs sm

To ensure healthy, vigorous turf and plant growth fertilization programs will be built around the specific property.  Slow-release granular and targeted liquid fertilizers will be used. 

Pest Management

Pest Management

To minimize unecessary pesticide application the turf and plants will be monitored for potential pest activity and spot-treated with EPA-approved liquid control products as needed.

Seasonal Color

Seasonal Color

The maintenance manager will work with the client to design and select plant material for high-visibility seasonal color beds.  Plant material will be limited to available annuals and perennials.

Bed / Mulch Covering

Mulch Covering

Pine bark, cypress mulch, red mulch and pine straw will be applied as contracted to the plant beds at a heighth of 2-3 inches.  Additionally, synthetic coverings and rock or stone is available.

Tree - Elevation

Tree Elevation sm

Trees will be elevated during the off-season to allow pedestrian and vehicle traffic.  Building-clearance and maintaining light fixtures will be addressed as allowed.  Deadwood, shaping and interior thinning would be addressed as contracted.

Palm Tree Trimming

Pest Management

Palm trees up to 15 feet will be trimmed as needed during regular landscape maintenance service visits.  Taller palms trees will be trimmed as contracted.

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