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Our Landscaping Services

Mulch Installation

Pest Management


Mulch is used to retain moisture in the soil, suppress weeds, and provide your flower bed with an elegant appeal. This is a very cost effective way to not only protect your flower beds but to also enhance the curb appeal of your property! Our team will remove all weeds and apply a 2-3 inch layer of premium mulch! We offer many different options for the type and color of mulch you need.

Stone Installation

Pest Management


Another option would be a weed fabric with the cover of your choice, being anything from lava rock stone to large river rock. Stone gives you wider customization options as well as a drainage benefit. With stone you have a wide variety to choose from... Grey 57, White 57, River Rock, Lava Rock, and Pea Gravel just to name a few. All stone choices bare their own unique look!

Plant Installation

Pest Management


A Landscape Manager will come out to your property for a FREE consultation in which we will go over a detailed estimate and plan on exactly what you as our customer would like done with your landscape! PTG offers pick up and delivery for the plants of your choice or we also give the customer the option to pick out the exact plants they want and provide them for us!

Landscape Edge

Pest Management


Every landscape bed needs a clean edge. Not only does this look nice but it helps to keep your choice of cover inside the bed. Without an edge your cover, being mulch or stone, will flow out into the lawn or onto your sidewalks. We offer various choices for your edge whether that be a physical wall or just an edge in the lawn to separate the bed from the grass.

Landscape Removal

Pest Management


Do you have that one dying shrub that brings down the look of your whole landscape? Or maybe one bush you planted 5 years ago has grown too big for your liking, perhaps you want to just tear it all out and start fresh! We have you covered!

Shrub Trimming

Pest Management


It is essential to the health of your plants and the aesthetic of your design to maintain your grasses, shrubs, bushes, flowers, hedges ect. PTG can handle all pruning and trimming to assure your design always looks as fresh as it did the day of the install!

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Other companies advertise a "free estimate". We advertise a Free Consultation! not only will you get our price but you'll get our time and knowledge on what you need done before you pay a penny!


About PTG Lawn and Landscape

For the past five years, we have been maintaining residential and commercial properties in the Baltimore County area. Founded in 2016 by Garrett Marders, PTG Lawn and Landscape has worked hard to earn the reputation we uphold each and every day! We offer a variety of different landscaping and lawn care services, from scheduled mowing to installing and seeding. By offering AFFORDABLE and DEPENDABLE services, you as the homeowner will have an easier week not having to devote time to yard work. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us at the provided information!

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